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10 Ways We Waste Water

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10 Ways We Waste Water
May 25, 2010 | By Casey Holley

Water shortages in some areas of the country are common, even in areas where fresh water seems abundant. Conserving water is important because, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, only 2.8 percent of the water on the Earth’s surface is suitable for consumption.

Leaving Water Running
When you brush your teeth, take a shower, wash your face or wash dishes, you will waste a lot of water if you leave the water running. Turn the water off when you don’t need water, such as when you lather up in the shower. You can always turn the water back on when you need to rinse.

Partial Loads
Running the dishwasher or washer with only a partial load, especially if the load size isn’t adjustable on the appliance, can waste a lot of water. To conserve water, wait until you have a full load or purchase a new appliance with adjustable load sizes.

The Southwest Florida Water Management District states that even a slow water leak can waste up to 300 gallons of water per month. Check for leaks by reading your water meter and then returning 30 minutes later to recheck the reading. During that time, no water should be used. If the meter reading changes, you have a leak.
Automatic Pool Refilling
Automatic pool refilling devices constantly refill the water level in your pool. These devices can make it difficult to realize that your pool or pump is leaking. Instead of these devices, install a recirculation pump and keep an eye on the water level so you know if your pool is leaking.
Baths or Long Showers
Taking a full bath or a long shower uses a lot of water, up to 50 gallons notes the EPA. Instead, take a 5-minute shower or only fill the bathtub up a third of the way. In addition to saving water, you will save money on heating the water.
Inefficient Appliances and Fixtures
High flow toilets, shower heads, faucets and other appliances waste a considerable amount of water. The California Energy Commission states that 75 percent of water used in a home is in the bathroom. Changing these items only in the bathroom can save a lot of water, but changing them throughout the house is even better.
Constant Flow Recreational Toys
Toys that require a constant flow of water waste a lot of water. If your child has a toy like this, use it in an area of the yard that needs to be watered and limit the amount of time the toy is used.

Vehicle Washes
Car washes and washing your vehicle with a hose can waste water. Some car washes now have recycling pumps so any water used is recycled for another wash but try to avoid car washes that don’t recycle the water. If you wash your vehicle with a hose, wet the vehicle and then turn the water off while you scrub it. Turn the water back on to rinse.

Linen Changes
Hotels, motels and other similar facilities waste a lot of water on daily linen changes. When you are at home, you probably don’t wash your sheets daily, so don’t have them washed daily at the hotel unless you are going to bed filthy at night

Driveway Cleaning
Rinsing off your driveway instead of sweeping it off or using a blower to blow the debris off is a waste of water. Use a deck brush or broom with water only on heavily soiled areas of the driveway and then allow the area to dry. Once it is dry, sweep up dirt or debris.

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top BEERs brands

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1 Budweiser…..
awesome beer I can drink it whole day
its just portugal magic that whenever I drink I feel cool and refreshing…

Budweiser is the worst beer ever. People who drink this beer never had a real beer before. Budweiser is water and addictive chemicals. Horse piss actually tastes just like Budweiser.

the best beer money can buy in the world I guess! other beer doesn’t have the taste and the tingling in between of hops and lots of fizz but in bud u’ll find both in equivalent proportion

2 Dogfish Head

Dogfish knows how to brew a real beer, not just an american light lager like almost every beer on the list. People should know that beer is more than what they’re told to drink from advertising!

Brewer from Delaware, I especially like his 22% beer. 1 is more alcohol than 4 Coors lights.

3 Heineken
This is a real beer! Budweiser is water with color!

Heineken stands high above the KINGS and QUEENS of beers!

Heineken is one of the best Beer’s in Canada. And Canada is a major beer drinking land. We are 5th on the list of “Top Beer Production Countries” and Heineken is number 2 in Canada. Number 1 is Alexander Keith.

4 Corona Extra
Best beer in the world, pronto! If beer came out of fountains, it’d be Corona. Bud is good, but nothing like PABST BLUE RIBBON! Belgians also have some of the best strong beers, check ’em out, you’ll find it worthy.

Corona feels very smooth and strikingly very strong at the same time… Mates whenever you are planning for going on beach.. Take this with you.. It very add up to your fun quotient.. Enjoy

Best Beer Ever! Only beer I drink.. Nothing like a nice chilling corona on a very hot summer day.. or even just to be chilling in your couch with a corona by your side.. ohh and don’t forget the wedge of lemon..

5 Yuengling
THIS should be at the top.

Bud is hype. A perfect example of throwing millions into advertising to buy popularity with an inferior product.

Heineken in North America is crap but I give the original a solid top 5.

Any Corona = more hype and I challenge anyone “loving” this beer to leave it out, overnight and take a sniff. Smells like it was brewed in a sewage treatment plant. That’s why you need a lime to drink it.

Guinness? Try ‘Black Wych’ from Wychwood. Unlike Guinness, it’s a great dark stout without the bitter tones. Far superior!

Coors of any style: even more hype. There was a mystique in the east (US) when you could not get this beer. Rocky Mountain water my ass. They wanted a brewery in Asheville, N.C. but the city wouldn’t cut them a break on their water usage.

Sam Adams. Very good, simple, clean lager. Just not quite as good as Yuengling, IMO.

Don’t be sheeple!

Why do people drink Bud? That is like piss in a can,
Yuengling is so refreshing and never lets you down

Best beer ever has a great taste and is the oldest in america so if you want an avrage beer then go for a bud or coors light but if you want quality in your beer then go for Yuengling

6 Efes Pilsen

taste once.. choice of the beer fans. :)Thirsting of life” – it is true after you taste it!

more tasty=) and no likeness: )) specially when its cold=)i think whole world must try it=)

It has golden color, slight bitterness, and a little after taste. It is clean and clear

theres not much sentences. only I’m sayin “efes pilsen is the king of beers”

Just one word “amazing”one of the best beers on the planet. Fantastic taste.

turkish traditional drink 😉 you will like it, if you taste it. really delicious guys

efes is best beer of world. if you taste you can’t prefer another beer easily really

Always the best!
The taste fits to every palate whatever brand is your favorite..

Leaks through the throat like river of pleasure. It has very smooth taste.

I’m between Pilsner Urquell and Efes Pilsen… Well, Efes Pilsen rules!

taste once.. choice of the beer fans. 🙂

“Thirsting of life” – it is true after you taste it!

incisiker c good beer feels very smooth and strikingly very strong at the same time

7 Dos Equis

At museums he’s allowed to touch the art.
He is the most interesting man it the world.

Ever since I discovered adding a little bit of tabasco to my dos, I’ve been addicted! Try it and you might be suprised at how it good taste! It is definitely my number 1

No bitter after taste and not heavy. I won’t drink anything but this and it can’t stay on the shelf at the store. It doesn’t fill you up like most beers do.

8 Bell’s Hopslam Ale

9 Sam Adams

World class. Their Summer Ale is exquisite. They also have a fine array of tastes for most beer drinkers.

Never drank one of any flavor. American made… so, I voted for it. Has to be stronger tasting than Coors, which I like. Looks about as strong as
Michelob which I like and Miller High Life Dark, which I also like.

Oktoberfest literally was my ticket to discovering new flavorful beers, it was orgasmicly good. I care not For piss water beer anymore! I will not settle for less than a sam adams go 410!

Sam Adams autumn lager has a unique flavor all its own they stand alone in a class by them self. Without any question this is one of my most favorite beers to drink.

Sam adams is an excellent beer. It is superb in everyway. BUT I can get wicked shmamered off of natty light.! Ahh yeah you know what I am talking about!

The best beer anywhere. Love Sam Adams and especially the Boston Lager. Excellent beer

Finest tasting beer you can find. Definitely not watered down like Bud Light.

10 Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

Food Poisoning Symptoms

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Food Poisoning Symptoms
More than 76 million persons in the United States become ill from the food they eat and over 5000 will die every year from food poisoning. Uncooked or undercooked foods (meat, eggs or fish) and improper cleaning and washing of fruits and vegetables are the main causes of food poisoning.

The reason for Food Poisoning symptoms
The underlying cause of food poisoning is the presence of large amounts bacteria in food. The most common are Staphylococcus ( found in salad dressing, ham, eggs, custard-filled pastries, mayonnaise, and potato salad), Salmonella ( found in poultry, beef, eggs, or dairy products) or E. coli (found in undercooked hamburger, unpasteurized apple juice or cider, raw milk, contaminated water (or ice), vegetables fertilized by cow manure)

Symptoms of Food Poisoning
The symptoms of food poisoning vary with the source and severity of contamination and usually manifest within a few hours of consuming contaminated food. The general symptoms can include one of more of the following:

Upset stomach
Fever that lasts longer than 24 hours
Abdominal cramps
Diarrhea (Bloody diarrhea or pus in the stool)
Dizziness and/ or fainting,
Rapid heart rate
Numbness or tingling in the arms, legs or mouth
Most food poisoning symptoms will resolve themselves on their own in a few days. You should seek medical attention if:

The symptoms of food poisoning last for more than two days of if there is a persistent fever with or without shivers or chills.
There is extremely watery diarrhea
There is blood pus or mucus (whitish-gray in color) mixed in with the stools
There are symptoms of dehydration — excessive thirst, dry mouth, little or no urination, severe weakness, dizziness or lightheadedness
There is anyone else in your family is also sick with similar symptoms.
Fluids and electrolytes and lost from vomiting and diarrhea should be replaced by drinking clear liquids or diluted energy drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade. If medical attention is necessary, a doctor may prescribe medication to treat the fever, vomiting or diarrhea.

Tips to Prevent Food Poisoning
1.Use purified or bottled water
2.Practice proper hygiene (thoroughly washing hands) when coming into contact with food
3.Workers in the food industry should use masks, cap and gloves during cooking and serving.
4.Sick individuals should not handle food
5.Kitchen and other food preparation surfaces should be kept clean
6.Utensils should be washed with soap and hot water.
7.Food that has been prepared should not be kept at room temperature for prolonged periods of time.
8.All food materials should be kept in closed containers.
9.Fruits and Vegetables should be properly washed
10.Meat should be fresh and should be purchased from butcher or market
11.Do not consume foods that passed their expiration or “use by” date

What type of sandwich u like?

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Guinness Book of World Records Largest Sandwich.  This puppy weighs in at 6,991 which is about the weight of a Ford Excursion.

The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2010

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The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2010

World less hungry than before: UN

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World less hungry than before: UN

By Barney Porter

Updated Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:00am AEST

Most of the world’s hungry people live in developing countries, where they account for 16 per cent of the population (AFP: Mustafa Ozer, file photo)

 Despite the spate of disasters from Haiti to Pakistan and high domestic food prices in several developing countries, the number of hungry and undernourished people across the world has fallen for the first time in 15 years. The United Nations’ food agency is reporting a 10 per cent drop in the number of people suffering from chronic malnutrition, thanks to improving economic conditions and lower food prices after two years of bumper cereal harvests.

But the head of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Jacques Diouf, says while the figure marks an improvement, there is no cause for complacency as one child still dies every six seconds because of undernourishment. It is estimated up to 98 per cent of the world’s hungry live in developing countries, and more than 40 per cent of those are in China and India.

 UN World Food Program executive director Josette Sheeran says the first fall in 15 years is good news, but she notes her organisation alone needs $1 billion by the end of the year to continue its work. “The fact remains that 925 million people are still hungry – a shockingly high number, an unacceptable number. Now is not the time to relax,” she said. As an example, Ms Sheeran has noted an immediate focus for the food agencies.

“I’ve just returned from Pakistan and again saw a population that was already weakened,” she said. “Twenty million people hit with the floods, 10.1 million in need of urgent food assistance but also of a particular kind of assistance that has nutritional content for the children. “So, in Pakistan we have launched the largest deployment ever of highly nutritious food to the children there who were already weakened, were already highly malnourished, in proportions to be able to meet these urgent needs.”

 The FAO says it does not expect to see a new food emergency in the short-term nor a repeat of the riots sparked by the 2007-08 food crisis. It says food stocks and production prospects for cereals are still seen as adequate. But that view has been contradicted by another arm of the UN, the World Health Organisation (WHO).

This week the WHO warned the flooding in Pakistan and Russia’s drought were threatening to spark another food crisis that could endanger the world’s poorest people. The FAO report has been released ahead of next week’s UN summit on the Millennium Development Goals. The UN is aiming to halve the proportion of undernourished people in developing countries from 20 per cent in 1990 to 10 per cent in 2015.

World leaders meeting in New York are expected to declare the set of goals are still achievable. Overnight the newly appointed head of the UN’s General Assembly, Joseph Deiss, was positive.

“We must make good our shortcomings combating hunger, infant mortality and maternal health,” he said. “This is possible. From our discussions next week, we must show true resolve and a plan of action which can ensure the international community can achieve its ambitious goal.” But there are detractors. Non-governmental aid agency Oxfam has largely attributed the latest improved figures to luck, rather than a change in policies or increased investment to address the underlying causes of hunger.

Weird Exotic food

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Cows’ lips

Casu Frazigu

Scorpions on a stick

Finger lime (lime fruit shaped like a finger)

Bizarre Foods – Hawaiian Bone Fish

Bizarre Foods – Outback

Bizarre Foods: Philippines: Finger Food

China Exotic Weird Food

Worlds Best Exotic Foods – Yummy