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Flora Naked Chef

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What Happens After Her Clothes Come Off? Cooking! (NSFW)

William Hsu at 8:43 PM February 13

When you’re presented with both sex and food, sex often ends up being the more important part of the package. Food becomes only a side dish. After all, a dinner date is only meant to be a prelude to an encounter between the sheets, and dessert, only the aftermath.

So what’s the obvious marketable solution for a television show about food? Why, Hong Kong producer Jesse Au‘s upcoming cooking show on the adult channel Ice and Fire, of course!

Hong Kong men apparently refuse to cook because it’s uninteresting and a waste of time (that’s what helpers are for, obviously). 26-year-old television host Flora Cheung wants to change that: “Most men don’t like to cook,” she told the South China Morning Post, “but I want to get them interested.”

Her idea of “interesting” (or the producer’s) comprises of shopping — fully clothed at first — in a market, before stripping down to a transparent apron to teach the nuances of cooking, thirty minutes per episode. Here’s a trailer of the Cantonese-language show, which can be seen on NOW TV, Hong Kong Broadband Network, and TVB Pay Vision:

Is it that outrageous to have a naked cooking show when there are already naked news reports, naked weather reports, and other naked shows that seem to cover every otherwise mundane aspect of modern society? We all know that sex sells, but how far do we go before we say enough is enough?

Sure, a naked cooking show is interesting, but what’s being sold here? Turns out Cheung has no previous professional cooking experience. One would think that the audience will still be more than captivated by her cooking. Then again, you never know with men. I just might be motivated enough to start cooking for myself.

Will you?
















top BEERs brands

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1 Budweiser…..
awesome beer I can drink it whole day
its just portugal magic that whenever I drink I feel cool and refreshing…

Budweiser is the worst beer ever. People who drink this beer never had a real beer before. Budweiser is water and addictive chemicals. Horse piss actually tastes just like Budweiser.

the best beer money can buy in the world I guess! other beer doesn’t have the taste and the tingling in between of hops and lots of fizz but in bud u’ll find both in equivalent proportion

2 Dogfish Head

Dogfish knows how to brew a real beer, not just an american light lager like almost every beer on the list. People should know that beer is more than what they’re told to drink from advertising!

Brewer from Delaware, I especially like his 22% beer. 1 is more alcohol than 4 Coors lights.

3 Heineken
This is a real beer! Budweiser is water with color!

Heineken stands high above the KINGS and QUEENS of beers!

Heineken is one of the best Beer’s in Canada. And Canada is a major beer drinking land. We are 5th on the list of “Top Beer Production Countries” and Heineken is number 2 in Canada. Number 1 is Alexander Keith.

4 Corona Extra
Best beer in the world, pronto! If beer came out of fountains, it’d be Corona. Bud is good, but nothing like PABST BLUE RIBBON! Belgians also have some of the best strong beers, check ’em out, you’ll find it worthy.

Corona feels very smooth and strikingly very strong at the same time… Mates whenever you are planning for going on beach.. Take this with you.. It very add up to your fun quotient.. Enjoy

Best Beer Ever! Only beer I drink.. Nothing like a nice chilling corona on a very hot summer day.. or even just to be chilling in your couch with a corona by your side.. ohh and don’t forget the wedge of lemon..

5 Yuengling
THIS should be at the top.

Bud is hype. A perfect example of throwing millions into advertising to buy popularity with an inferior product.

Heineken in North America is crap but I give the original a solid top 5.

Any Corona = more hype and I challenge anyone “loving” this beer to leave it out, overnight and take a sniff. Smells like it was brewed in a sewage treatment plant. That’s why you need a lime to drink it.

Guinness? Try ‘Black Wych’ from Wychwood. Unlike Guinness, it’s a great dark stout without the bitter tones. Far superior!

Coors of any style: even more hype. There was a mystique in the east (US) when you could not get this beer. Rocky Mountain water my ass. They wanted a brewery in Asheville, N.C. but the city wouldn’t cut them a break on their water usage.

Sam Adams. Very good, simple, clean lager. Just not quite as good as Yuengling, IMO.

Don’t be sheeple!

Why do people drink Bud? That is like piss in a can,
Yuengling is so refreshing and never lets you down

Best beer ever has a great taste and is the oldest in america so if you want an avrage beer then go for a bud or coors light but if you want quality in your beer then go for Yuengling

6 Efes Pilsen

taste once.. choice of the beer fans. :)Thirsting of life” – it is true after you taste it!

more tasty=) and no likeness: )) specially when its cold=)i think whole world must try it=)

It has golden color, slight bitterness, and a little after taste. It is clean and clear

theres not much sentences. only I’m sayin “efes pilsen is the king of beers”

Just one word “amazing”one of the best beers on the planet. Fantastic taste.

turkish traditional drink 😉 you will like it, if you taste it. really delicious guys

efes is best beer of world. if you taste you can’t prefer another beer easily really

Always the best!
The taste fits to every palate whatever brand is your favorite..

Leaks through the throat like river of pleasure. It has very smooth taste.

I’m between Pilsner Urquell and Efes Pilsen… Well, Efes Pilsen rules!

taste once.. choice of the beer fans. 🙂

“Thirsting of life” – it is true after you taste it!

incisiker c good beer feels very smooth and strikingly very strong at the same time

7 Dos Equis

At museums he’s allowed to touch the art.
He is the most interesting man it the world.

Ever since I discovered adding a little bit of tabasco to my dos, I’ve been addicted! Try it and you might be suprised at how it good taste! It is definitely my number 1

No bitter after taste and not heavy. I won’t drink anything but this and it can’t stay on the shelf at the store. It doesn’t fill you up like most beers do.

8 Bell’s Hopslam Ale

9 Sam Adams

World class. Their Summer Ale is exquisite. They also have a fine array of tastes for most beer drinkers.

Never drank one of any flavor. American made… so, I voted for it. Has to be stronger tasting than Coors, which I like. Looks about as strong as
Michelob which I like and Miller High Life Dark, which I also like.

Oktoberfest literally was my ticket to discovering new flavorful beers, it was orgasmicly good. I care not For piss water beer anymore! I will not settle for less than a sam adams go 410!

Sam Adams autumn lager has a unique flavor all its own they stand alone in a class by them self. Without any question this is one of my most favorite beers to drink.

Sam adams is an excellent beer. It is superb in everyway. BUT I can get wicked shmamered off of natty light.! Ahh yeah you know what I am talking about!

The best beer anywhere. Love Sam Adams and especially the Boston Lager. Excellent beer

Finest tasting beer you can find. Definitely not watered down like Bud Light.

10 Bell’s Two Hearted Ale


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