Wine glasses

Wine Glasses and Wine Glasses Music

Wine glasses varies for the types of wines. A good wine glass should be clear crystal, and stem should not be too long or short for proper handling.

Examples of wine glasses are :

Champagne flute

Bordeaux red wine glass

White wine glass

Sherry glass

Port glass

One of the finest maker of glassware is from an Austrian Wine Glass Company, Riedel. See various wine glasses, explore more information on wine colors, wine serving temperatures and watch video gallery from their website.

Wine Glasses Music

Wine glasses creates music through the rims filled with water, and the player’s fingers rubbed them to create notes. Way back 1741, a glass harp instrument or musical glasses which made of upright wine glasses was created by an Irishman Richard Pockrich, the first virtuoso of the instrument. This has been more popularized in the 18th century mostly in European countries, and up to the present several musicians are into wine glasses music.

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