Healthy nutrition tips

Here are other healthy nutrition tips.

  • Replace unhealthy products with the healthy ones. For instance, sugar with honey, sausages with meat.
  • Do not eat too much. Do not gorge your stomach with food. Eat only when you feel hungry.
  • Chew your food well; do not gulp down the breakfast, lunch, or dinner within a few minutes.
  • The ideal daily nutrition proportions are: 3/5 of the entire ration should be carbohydrates, 1/5 – fats, and 1/5 – proteins.
  • Consume fruits separately from the meals.
  • Season the salads and main dishes with vegetable oil.
  • Do not use fats when boiling or steaming the food and make sure to watch the cooking time.
  • Cook the food as long as it should be cooked and not even a minute longer.
  • Avoid frying the food, its better to bake it in the stove or to boil (steam).
  • Try not to mix proteins with starch, starch with fats, fats with proteins, and so on.
  • Do not drink when having the meal or right after it.

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