Pig Leg Vinegar

Pig Leg Vinegar

Category: Soups & Stews
Style: Chinese
Servings: Portion for 5 persons

This dish has always been my favorite but ever since my mum started cooking this dish at home, I take none other than my mum’s cooking this dish. Ever since, I had always asked her how to cook this dish and yet, every time she cooks this, I will always asked her the same old question: How did you do it ? Reason being, I kept forgetting and today, I am going to pen this down.

1 whole pig hand (replacing pig leg as the leg part doesn’t contain meat)
1 soup bowl of smashed ginger
Cooking Oil
500 ml of sour vinegar (Buatan Malaysia)
500 ml of sweet vinegar (Made in China)

Step 1:
Heat wok to pan fried the smashed ginger. This is to dry up excess water contain in the ginger. When it is dry, remove from pan.

Step 2:
Heat wok again and pour in some cooking oil. Pan fried garlic and pig hand to half cooked. Remove from pan. This is to remove any stinking smells (or aroma, whatever you name it) from the pig hand.

Step 3:
Prepare a soup pot. Heat the soup pot with the sweet and sour vinegar and ginger. Bring to boil.

Step 4:
Put the pig hand into the boiling soup pot. Bring to boil again until the meat is fully cooked.

Voila, Pig Leg Vinegar !

Note: If you are unable to find the sweet vinegar, it can be replaced with rock sugar. Deepest apology that I am unable to specify the exact measurement of the ingredients as we usually cook our dishes based on instincts.

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