Eating insects for food

Eating insects for food
By allfromweb
December 02, 2010

Experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN agreed with the opinion of scientists that should convince people to eat insects instead of meat. Firstly, in cricket and grasshoppers as much protein as a piece of meat for the steak. Secondly, their growth is much cheaper and requires less space. Experts say that edible for humans are about 1400 species of insects. They are eaten in 36 African, 29 Asian and 23 countries in North and South America. And in some states of insects is considered a delicacy in others – the insects are part of the daily diet.

Many people in various parts of the world consider this locust plague. But do not mexicans. In Mexico, especially in its southern regions, in addition to all kinds of tortillas, and you’ll find fried grasshoppers, wrapped in fresh tortillas.

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