How Lays Are Manufactured in Pepsico Factories

How Lays Are Manufactured in Pepsico Factories
This is a plant of PepsiCo, where chips Lay’s are produced. It has been opened recently in the city Azov of Rostov region. Let’s go over the whole sequence of production.

There are special sorts of potato, which are acceptable for chips-making, such sorts have higher content of starch.

All the workers regularly have a medical and a certificate that they are healthy, and they all wash their hands before working.

Peeling does in the abrasive barrels with periodical moving. First needed quantity of potato is weighed in a special bunker to go to the barrel.

The very “heart” of chips production line – a frying bath. The whole world has no analogous equipment, it has been made specially for PepsiCo and forbidden to be shown.

That’s the stage when all additives are added to the chips. Their main constituent is salt.

Packing. The factory may produce 50 thousand tons of ready product annually. Sounds fantastic!

Precise weighing

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