Chinese herb tea Wang Lao Ji

Chinese herb tea Wang Lao Ji

Wang Lao ji tea was established in the Qing Dynasty, has been more than 170 years of history, enjoy the reputation of “ancestor of Chinese herb tea”;

The Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty ,a bad Disease was found in Guangzhou, the outbreak of the epidemic, In order to save the sick, Wang Lao Ji Chinese herb tea’s founder Wang Zebang did not hesitate to put his life in trying drugs, occasionally, development of a Chinese herb tea .This Chinese herb tea can not only lift the villagers of illness, but also help the villagers out of smallpox, SARS disaster. From then on, Wang Zebang became a famous man. The emperor Wen Zong of Qing Dynasty called him up to the palace, and Appointed him as a good doctor in the king’s hospital.

In Daoguang 17 years (1837 AD), Wang Zebang’s Chinese herb tea shop was opened in Guangzhou city, since then, the Chinese herb tea named “Wang Lao Ji
During the 170-year history of the Wanglao ji ,there was a series of historical legends :

■ Empress Dowager Cixi love Wanglao ji Chinese herb tea, often drinking to keep her beauty and a good sprit to control the kingdom ;
■In the time of Hong Xiuquan’s Participating in the imperial examination in Guangzhou, he drink Wanglao ji and save his lives; In the war of defending Tianjing ,Taiping army soldiers were rewarded with Wang Laoji tea;
■ Lin Zexu destroyed opium in Humen city, Wang Lao ji tea was the most commonly used as a civil drink to eliminate heat and lift toxin with a good reputation;
■ famous Qing Dynasty scholar Liang Qichao who written in the “New World Travels”, he said: “In the United States, a can of Wang Lao Ji Chinese herb tea can sell 5 to 10 dollars”;
■ modern newspaperman Yuan Yin Xiao, Li Chunxiao couples have been in the United States more than 100 days, who saw in many hotels, at the end of every senior banquet, the waiter often give a cup of Chinese herb tea Wang Lao Ji……

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