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Coffee, anyone?

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Coffee, anyone?
Posted by: victorchew46

After reading henryz’s article about his experience in Starbuck and the pidgeons shitting on him, I want to post something today on coffee. Not that pidgeon shit has anything to do with it but some of the most expesive coffee is found inside the shit of some bats (or other animals that eat the raw coffee berries but couldn’t digest the seeds and pass it out)!

Don’t ask me about the taste, I am not rich enough to drink a cup made from these beans yet!

The metal pot holding a large quantity of black kopi-o is an icon in my family home when I was young. My parents, grandmother, siblings, servants and myself all would have a cuppa every morning from it.

Dipping bread or biscuits into coffee was the most wonderful way to eat bread or biscuits. On rare occassions a ‘you char kwei’ would be the choice item to dip into hot black coffee! Imagine the oil of the ‘you char kwei’ floating on top of your coffee!

Then off we go to school or work. Without this daily caffine dose, I think I would have dropped out of school as my teachers were so boring then. I would also take a bottle (Heinz Tomato Sause bottle) of coffee to school and have it during the interval (recess we called it then). So I needn’t spend money on a drink in the canteen (called the Tuck Shop then.) That bottle kept me awake for the rest of the school day.

It is no surprise that when I worked and even now when I don’t, I need my daily doze of caffine! Many of us prefer the home brewed variety but people like henryz would love to have a sip in Starbuck, Coffee Bean and what have you! I know Woody and Ng are great coffee brewers, they have passed on their recipe over the CB before.

At one stage, I was so crazy over coffee that I would look for the most expensive brand available in the local supermarket to buy (luckily for me, the most expensive ones in Ipoh Supermarkets weren’t that expensive, hahaha) but none fulfilled my need for that black thick kopi-0 that my mother had on the dining table every morning in the past.

Then came along Ipoh White Coffee! Wow! What a hit! I am loving it (to copy a phrase from MacD!) At least this has put Ipoh on the map!

So drink up man! You don’t say “yam seng’ when you tip your coffee cup, do you? Can someone out there suggest an appropriate term for coffee drinking?