You must discard Dried Mushroom Water

You must discard Dried Mushroom Water
We always think the mushroom soaked in water is fragrant. Need to re-think this!


For those of you who cannot read Chinese, this message is to warn you against using the water you soak your mushrooms in.
Most of the mushrooms on the market are from China , and are contaminated with chemicals (I think it is carbon bisulfide,
correct me if I am wrong) which are soluble in water.You must discard the water in which you soak to soften the dried mushrooms.

Guys, please forward this to your wives, daughters, girlfriends.

但�› 非從合法管道口,在開放三通前,政府單位很難從源é -控管。目前只能建è-�,
æ-�一習慣最好戒掉,�› 為農藥多半是水溶性的。
�究,香菇本身就含有大量的硫,很容易干擾一些農藥如 Carbamate 的檢驗結果,使得二硫化碳的檢出量偏高,影響判讀結果……………..

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