My favourite sauce – Worcestershire sauce

A Little Bite of History
The first attempt at making Worcestershire was a disaster. In the town of Worcester, England, business partners and chemists John Lea and William Perrins tried to make the concoction based on an Indian recipe. The offending liquid was stored and forgotten for two years. By that time, it had aged into the full-flavored sauce that is now popular around the world.

Since at least 1837, the recipe has remained a closely guarded secret. Competitors have managed to replicate the special ingredients to some extent and the original name is now generically used by all manufacturers.

Vegetarian sauces, minus the anchovies, are available. Some of these are organically produced.

Buying Tips
Lea and Perrins® is the only brand that can label its sauce “Original and Genuine.”

Pricing will vary widely among brands, based mainly on ingredients.

Storage Tips
• Worcestershire sauces will remain stable for at least two years unopened at room temperature.

• Refrigerate after opening and use within two months for optimum freshness. However, it will remain usable for much longer.

• Cannot be frozen, unless as an ingredient in other foods.

Usage Tips
• Always shake well before using.

• It is the perfect marinade for any meat or poultry dish, especially cuts that need tenderizing.

• Add to hamburger patties for extra juiciness.

Substitution Tips
• Equal amount of steak sauce with additional water added
• Soy sauce reduced by a third with water added.


Camelia says ” I use this sauce for BBQ chicken, yummy”

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