Soto Ayam

Soto Ayam is a classic Spicy Chicken Soup, commonly found in Malaysia,Singapore and Indonesia (”Soto” means “soup” and “Ayam” means “chicken”) and comes with cubed rice, chicken and bean sprouts .

450gm dry yellow noodles
2 liter chicken broth/stock
1 chicken (with bones and fats)
2 cups bean sprouts, pluck off roots and blanched
Salt to taste

Spices /grind into a paste
4 stalk lemon grass (the white part only)
1 small shallot
40gm galangal/lengkuas
15 whole cloves
3 cardamons
2 star anise
1 tsp nutmeg powder
¾ tsp black pepper powder

2 stalks spring onion, chopped
2 stalks cilantro, chopped
2 shallots(sliced thinly)

Cooking Method:
Blanch yellow noodles and bean sprouts and set aside. Add 3 tbsp oil and fry the shallots until crisp. Keep aside for garnish.The shallot oil will be used later to sauté the grind ingredients. Grind the spices together using a mini food processor. Set aside.
Bring chicken broth to a boil, add chicken with bones and fats, reduce heat setting to low and allow to simmer for about 30 minutes. Remove chicken from broth, shred chicken and add back the bones and fats into the broth.At this stage you can omit the fats.Keep aside.
Heat up 2-3 tbsp shallot oil. When oil is hot enough, saute all the soup ingredients until fragrant. Pour in the chicken broth (together with all the bones) and cook under low heat (simmer, not boiling) for about half an hour till aromatic. You can filter off the soup ingredients or leave it just as it is .
Add blanch yellow noodles, blanched bean sprouts and shredded chicken into individual bowls.Pour in the hot gravy and garnish with chopped spring onions, cilantro and shallots crisp.

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