Beware of Plastic Seaweed

Beware of Plastic Seaweed

My MIL bought 1 bag of seaweed last weekend in market. She cooked seaweed soup last night, but something unbelievable happened. She washed and soaked the seaweed, then found the seaweed was different from the normal seaweed she cooked even thought same smell(seaweed smell). The seaweed……………was a PLASTIC seaweed!!!!! It is made in CHINA. The brand name, importer and distributor as per attached photo.

Pls alert if you want to cook your seaweed soup next time.

Lee SL

One Response to “Beware of Plastic Seaweed”

  1. Hi,I called up the kean Chiew trading and the gentleman said that it is a fraudulent email. he said Health Ministry sent their people to check on their product and also that of the Xian Jiang trading in KL, and found all products ok. He says can consume without any worry. you can call them at 604-3972307.Rgds.

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