image015榴莲      含有丰富的蛋白质和脂类,对机体有很好的补养作用,是良好的果品类营养来源。   榴莲有特殊的气味,不同的人感受不同,有的人认为其臭如猫屎,有的人认为香气馥郁。榴莲的这种气味有开胃、促进食欲之功效,其中的膳食纤维还能促进肠蠕动。 Shorts Are rich in protein and salts, organisms have a good option, the Fruit category is a good source of nutrition. Shorts have special smell, different people feel different, some people believe that if their foul cat Shi, some people believe that big strong fragrance. Such a sweet fruit smell, appetite for the effectiveness of dietary fibre which can promote defecate.

Camelia says ‘In Malaysia, we call it DURIAN – King of Fruits’

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